brazilian-waxing-and-american-obsession3So you found a waxing salon you love (its us, of course!) but you just found out that-oh no!- you are moving!!  What are you going to do? Where are you going to go?  Who is going to give you the perfect brow or make you laugh when get your-ahem-“area” waxed??? Don’t worry, calm down, and take a deep breath!  While we hate to see you go, we understand that life happens!  And at Stripped we want our clients to have the tips and tools to help them no matter where they are!  So, listen to us and use our tips and tricks on which waxing salons are the ones to use and the ones to avoid (this list is not necessary in order of importance because they are all pretty darn important)!

#1- Call the salon.  Call all the salons.  Ask questions.  What questions you ask? Well…

#2- Ask what type of wax they use for facial and body waxes.  Is it the same wax? Is it a strip wax? Is it a hard wax?  IS IT MADE WITH PLASTIC?  Not all waxes are created equal and after having the best it may be hard for you to switch.  That being said some are better than others. Try to stay away from salons that use waxes that contain plastic.

#3- Ask what type of license their employees have-and remember each state is different on their regulations. You can actually go on your states professional licensing board website to check those regulations. Also when walking into a new salon make sure that they have ALL licenses displayed where you can view them.  This includes the technicians license as well as the business license. *Tip* if you ask them to show you their sanitary rules and regulations they HAVE to show them to you.  If they don’t or can’t find them walk away.  Walk away immediately!

#4- Ask if you can take a tour of the salon before making an appointment.  If they say no-hang up.  Obviously they don’t know what customer service is.  When taking a salon tour look at their doors and base boards.  Are they dirty?(ew) If so, ask yourself “What else are they missing?” Look at the wax pots-are they covered in wax? (again-ew)  Or are they clean?  When taking the tour ask a few more questions, such as…

#5- Ask them if they double dip. This means that they take one stick and use it multiple times by applying wax to a person then turning around and dipping it back into the pot of wax and using it again.   Look around and see if you see any service performed and notice how they are doing them.  Pay close attention to the stick the person is using and if they are using the same stick multiple times.  If so, thank them for their time and walk away.  Do not use a salon that double dips ever!! This is very unsanitary.

#6- Ask them about their sanitation.  Do they use hospital-grade products?  Do they use paper on the beds or sheets?  Do they change them every time there is a new client?  Do they use gloves for body waxes? Do they wipe everything down after every client?  Do they put their implements in a disinfectant?  Watch closely for how they answer these questions-do they hesitate or hedge around an answer?   If they can’t answer affirmatively or show you that they do in fact do these things then (say it with me) WALK AWAY!

#7- If they are not a specialty waxing salon but a regular salon or spa ask them how many waxing services that they perform daily. Just like wax, not all salons are created equal.  A specialized waxing salon ONLY does waxing.  That means they have taken the time to perfect this skill. They should know what they are doing with all services and know how to do them well (there are exceptions, of course).  A regular salon or spa that does not have a large number of waxing services daily does not typically have a waxing technician that is as skilled or as experienced as one from a specialized salon (again exceptions do occur).  If at any time prior or during a service, the person performing the service makes you feel uncomfortable or is performing the service incorrectly ask for the service to stop and leave (You thought I was going to say walk away again, didn’t you).

#8- How do they speak to you?  Are they reassuring and calming?  Are they willing to explain things in detail to you?  Are they speaking positively about the salon and service that you are asking about?  Are they rude or have an attitude?  Are they acting as though your questions and concerns are unimportant? Before the service do they take the time to talk to you one and one and make sure that both parties are clear on what to expect with the service. You want to go to a place that makes you feel welcome and comfortable.  You want to pick a place that wants you to be there and will do anything to ensure that you feel relaxed and taken care of.

#9- Take the time to really inspect all the salons in your area.  Ask around or go on Facebook.  Read reviews posted on Google, Yellow Pages, Facebook, Yelp, or even check Angie’s List.  You want to make sure that at least 9 out of 10 reviews are positive.  Don’t just look at the star ratings either.  Take the time to read them and see if any of the reviews mention problems or concerns they may have had.  Or if any of them mention how amazing a certain salon is over another one and why.

#10- Is it Stripped? No?! Then walk away!!!  Just kidding! (well kind of…)  We know that you may not always be able to come to us (but you totally should) and I hope that this list helps you when picking a new salon!

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And Come Get Stripped!!



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