Whew!! Man, is it getting hot outside or is it just me?? It’s supposed to get up in the high 90’s by next week!!  You know what that means…. BEACH TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you know what that means?? WAX TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, ladies (and gentlemen) no summer beach trip is complete without first getting your wax on!  Grow the hair in the area out for at least TWO WEEKS (Four weeks for legs!) and make your appointment to come in! Summer is our busiest time so make it quick before we fill up!  Remember, you will have some “Do Not’s” so come in at least two days before your trip!

Are you wavering between a Bikini and a Brazilian and aren’t really sure what the difference is? Put on your bikini bottoms and look in a mirror.  Any hair outside your bikini is what we wax when you get our Full Bikini Service.  Full Brazilian is removal of all the hair (you may leave a landing strip if you so choose). With all of our “Full” services the buttocks strip is included but you can always opt out of that if you would like. **It will not change the price of the service if you opt not to get the strip.** There is always the Mini-Brazilian option as well.  We’ve been getting a lot of questions as to what exactly that is so let me just clarify it for everyone.  The Mini-Brazilian does NOT include the labia OR the buttocks strip.  If you have any more questions regarding what each service covers just give us a call at 229.242.3334!

What are you waiting for?? Come Get Stripped!!!


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