Brazilian Waxing…An Introduction to American’s New Obsession!

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brazilian waxing an american obsession

Brazil may have invented it, but American’s are obsessing over it! Some call it the Hollywood, a Brazilian, the Bare or even the Sphinx, but no matter what you name it….we are all referring to the Brazilian Wax.

For those out there who have somehow managed to avoid being introduced properly to this new phenomenon, I will explain. Brazilian Waxing is the removal of all hair from the belly button to the back bone. Although some people choose to leave a “landing strip”, American’s are opting to strip it off in record numbers! Men & Women alike are rushing to local waxing salons to try this newest sensation.

brazilian waxing an american obsession

Brazilian Waxing was introduced in New York City in 2000 by three Brazilian sisters, it has spread like wild fire across all gender, nationality and demographics to be the second most requested wax by clients in salons. I must personally say that I love the Brazilian Wax and the extra umph it puts in a person’s step when they leave our salon. They seem to feel free, sexy and slightly more confident….daring almost.
They request and visit us for a Brazilian for a wide variety of reasons, from Anniversaries to curiosity we see everything in between that draw them to our doorstep, but the result is always the same.

brazilian waxing an american obsession

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