Raise your hand if you read our blog Curvy GIrls Need Waxed Too…. Raise your hand if you relate to it at all… Now raise your hand if you are in any way a curvy girl who simultaneously loves and hates shopping…. It’s because of the clothes isn’t it? They look so good on the mannequin but when you get them on there is something just… off… OR they don’t have your size.  Even though your size is totally normal and average they don’t have it.  They just don’t.  OR its cut in that “contemporary” (meaning its cut smaller than usual) style that’s apparently popular right now.  Now, everyone is beautiful and everyone is normal.  Everyone has a right to wear whatever they want.  However, not everyone has the easiest time finding clothes that are made for their body type. Not everyone can find clothes they like, that are fashionable, cut correctly, and affordable.  Because lets be honest who wants to pay $60 for a top? (I’m looking at you Lane Bryant…) That is why I am so excited to share with you a new option.  Perfectly Priscilla.  This is an exclusively plus-size online boutique.  They will cater to sizes 1x-3x and will be launching the website on June 1st, 2014! I have personally seen the clothes and let me tell you ladies, they are FABULOUS!! They will have dresses, skirts, shorts, even palazzo pants!!! That’s right, girls! Everything you usually see and think “They probably don’t have that in my size”  THEY DO!  Been searching for the perfect chambray top? (like me!) They have it!  Want a dress that doesn’t make you feel like you are wearing a tent?  They have it!  Want cute patterns? Done.  Want to be able to showcase those amazing curves however you darn well please?  They got you, honey! Trust me!  Head over to their Facebook page Perfectly Priscilla Boutique and check out their outfit teasers! Can’t wait? OK OK! Just because you asked nicely!


This is their Zig Zag Paradise. I’m in paradise just thinking about it!


isn’t that beautiful?? All of their items are going to be priced under $55 too!! I hope you guys are just as excited as I am because I can hardly wait!  They will be constantly updating on their Facebook page so go give them a “Like”!  And don’t worry, they will have work appropriate AND fun items to choose from! And closer to the fall they will be launching shoes and jewelry!

Remember ladies you are all beautiful!  We just wanted to share something with you that will allow you to showcase your beauty the best way possible! Priscilla really understands the needs of curvy girls-all curvy girls! She has so many choices to choose from that I don’t know how we are all going to pick our favorites! Only 18 more days until the site launches so get your wallets ready!!

Remember to keep sending in your questions and suggestions for the blog!  Can’t wait to hear from all of you soon!

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