So we have mentioned that we are going to be doing blogs about things that you want to know about and today I was asked by a client about waxing for larger women.  Can they? Should they? How do we feel about it? Is it different for them than smaller women?  And I am going to break it down for you… Yes. Yes. We love all of our clients no matter their size, shape, color, political or religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or gender identity. And it is different for every person that comes in.  Everyone is unique and has unique needs.  No one should feel like they can not receive a service based on size.  As an hourglass with extra minutes type of woman myself,  I absolutely understand the fear of being judged or mocked but ladies I promise you, we do not care.  Please, if a Brazilian Wax is something you want to do, then do it.  Do it for you. Do it because you want it done.  Do it because it will make your life easier, it will make you feel beautiful and sexy.  Do it for the heck of it.  Don’t let ANYONE tell you that you do not deserve to do whatever the heck you want to do with your body because guess what.  It is YOUR body.


And it is beautiful. Every curve, every slope, every edge of it is beautiful.  Embrace it.  Embrace yourself. Stop letting this one thing run your life.  So you have some extra meat on your bones? Who cares?  Are they you? Are they your partner? NO?  Then don’t let ANYTHING they say that is negative get to you.  Because at the end of the day all that matters, is what you think.  And you are pretty freaking awesome.  Every smile, every laugh, every kind word (every sarcastic word too), every tear, every song sung in the car, every touch, every hug, every dance done in the living room while vacuuming, every dinner, every push of a swing, every “Mommy, you are beautiful”, every swim suit (yeah I went there), every day that you have is more important than ANY pound of extra weight that you have.

And we would be PROUD to have you as a client, extra minutes and all.

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  1. Great post! And as a curvy girl who gets her Brazilians (and brows, chin, and lip) done with y’all I couldn’t agree more!

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