As promised we are going to discuss the proper wax to care for yourself after a waxing service.  During every visit we go over these rules with you but we just wanted to go a little more in depth with you as to why it is so important to do what we say.  We tell you not to do anything for 48 HOURS that will make you sweat such as saunas, steam rooms, tanning, and exercise.  The reason we tell you this is to prevent you from getting infections such as folliculitis.  Sweat and bacteria will seep into the freshly opened pore and breed. Wearing tight clothing will further irritate the area and stop the area from being able to breathe. Another rule that we strongly suggest you follow is no sexual activity in the area.  While the wax we use is hard wax and does not remove the top layer of skin you may be a little tender afterwards and this type of activity can cause sweating.  And again, the theme of the day is NO SWEATING!!

We do not want you to start exfoliating until after the 48 hours have passed to ensure that you are not causing further irritation to the skin and pores. And of course, never shave between waxing visits.  One, this causes your hair to restart all of the different cycles as well as texture.  It ends all progress you have made. Another thing most people don’t think about when it comes to care of the waxed area is their nails.  Make sure when you wash your hands you are scrubbing your nails.  If you scratch the skin of the area that has been waxed you can transfer any bacteria stored under the nail to yourself.  Again this will cause any number of infections and/or cause scarring in the area.

One of the reasons many people start waxing is because they are prone to ingrown hairs and while waxing does help, sometimes they happen no matter what due to faulty after care. Ingrown hairs are caused by a build up of dead skin cells which hinder the hair follicle from being able to push through.  This causes the hair to grow and loop under the skin which can be very itchy, annoying, and at times painful. Proper exfoliation helps prevent this from happening.  Using a product such as Epsom Salt in the area is a gentle but efficient way of exfoliating the area.  We recommend exfoliating two to three times a week. The proper way to use this product is right before or during your shower, take a small amount and using your fingers rub in a circular motion in the area.  You want to be out of the stream of water when you do this so that it is removing the dead skin; when finished exfoliating step into the spray of the water and let the Epsom Salt dissolve as well as the skin rinse off. Voila! Fresh skin for the hair to grow through!  This product can be used on your entire body as well!

If you are unable to follow our instructions for one reason or another (it being South Georgia and most of us sweat when walking to the car) please wash the area extremely well with anti-bacterial soap and put a thin layer of hydro-cortisone cream on.  This will help prevent an infection.

Speaking of infection, folliculitis is not fun.  It is an infection of the pores that causes red and/or white bumps to raise up.  If not treated properly and swiftly it may spread and end up causing a hospital visit.  No one wants that!  If you happen to get folliculitis do NOT exfoliate the area!  Wash only with antibacterial soap and put hydro-cortisone cream on several time a day for 7 days.  After 7 days it should clear up but if it does not it may have spread to deep into your skin and you may need medicine from a doctor to clear it up. Contact your regular physician if you are concerned at all and he/she will prescribe you a stronger topical or oral medicine.

We want our clients to have a safe and satisfying service every time the visit us.  This is why we discuss it with you before and after your service, as well as send home a Do’s and Don’t list with you.  We are always here to answer any questions regarding waxing and aftercare that you may have, just give us a call or send us a message on the website or our Facebook!

Follow our tips and Come Get Stripped!



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