We like to shake things up around here once in awhile so today our blog will be a bit different!  We are going to start doing blogs on different subjects!  We would love to do blogs on things that you are interested in so make sure you comment or send us messages on what you want us to talk about, review, or questions that you’ve always wanted answered!  (Seriously ask us anything! Don’t hold back.  Give us the goods!)  We will be doing some blogs on fitness, beauty tips and tricks, and recipes just to name a few.  We will always talk about waxing but we find that a lot of our clients are wanting more so we are giving it to you!! (You lucky people you!)  We will give you a peek into our closets, makeup bags, and bookshelves. Let us know what you want to hear and we will deliver!! We can’t wait to hear what your suggestions are so keep them coming!

Don’t forget we notify you of specials through our Facebook and Blog so follow both of them closely in the next few months for some exciting things coming!

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