Lets talk about eyebrows. We all have them, some more than others, but we all have something to work with. To me eyebrows are the most important part of your face. Who knew having hair above your eye would make such a dramatic difference??





Look how scary Kim looks and she isn’t even crying! When you don’t have a full or prominent eyebrow it can look like you don’t have any at all in pictures. This is especially true in women with blonde or grey eyebrow hair. The best way to get a fuller more prominent look when you have light brows is to use filler. The best eyebrow fillers are ones that have a gel and powder combo. Pencils are NOT the best product to use, they take lots of practice and if you mess up you have to completely re-do the whole brow. With a gel/powder combo kit you can build as much color as you would like. You can also add definition to the ends or tail of the brow if you need to. Filling your eyebrows in is also great if you are trying to regrow or reshape your eyebrows. This will give you the appearance of a more full look while the hair growing in is still sparse. My personal favorite eyebrow kit is by E.L.F cosmetics. This is a fairly inexpensive brand. You can find it at most Targets, and drug stores, we also sell these eyebrow kits for $6.50.





By filling in your eyebrows you can create a more defined look that is still very natural. If you have any questions on how to use this product please ask one of our waxing technicians and they will gladly show you how to apply this product and what color would best suite your hair and skin. The eyebrow kit comes in FOUR shades, ash, light, medium, and dark.

Having a defined shape or arch is also very important. This opens your eye up and gives you a more youthful appearance, I’m talking INSTANT face lift! The correct eyebrow shape for your face can make a HUGE difference! You can tell in this photo how much higher her whole face looks just from having her eyebrow shaped correctly.




If you have any questions about waxing or eyebrow products comment or email me at office@strippedwaxing.com.

xoxo, Kaleigh

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