Hope you enjoyed yesterdays blog about giving gifts to your Tarzan. We promised that each day this week will be a new blog of gift ideas. Today we will delve into another personality type of our beloved men.

Personality Type #2- The Sports Fan(atic)

Whether he enjoys college or pro, baseball or football (or basketball, hockey, golf, or a variety of other sports) one thing all sports fans have in common is that their team is the best.  And chances are they have many clothing items that will let you know who their favorite team is. While you may think that 763 hats with the Bears logo on them are plenty, trust me when I say, it’s not.  So with that in mind you can always go that route.  Clothing, hats, accessories with their teams logo on them are always appreciated.  However, a twist on that is to get them an item that is either the vintage version or even autographed. Its unique and special.  You can also find cufflinks made from seats of his teams stadium or a ball that was used in one of their games.

If your sports fan loves to grill out for the games you may want to consider and inflatable outdoor movie screen that he can project the game onto.  This allows everyone to enjoy all the action at all times! Another gift idea that you can use in your own back yard is a set of corn hole boards that are customized with his team colors both on the boards and with the bags. That would be a great gift that your whole family will enjoy! Does your sporty man also love beer?  Get him a membership to a beer of the month club or even his own kegerator!

If you really want to surprise your fan, get him tickets to a Bowl game.  It doesn’t have to be the Super Bowl.  Any of the Bowl games will do.  Both college and pro teams have them.  Even tickets to a regular game would be enough to have your fan cheering! Just don’t forget the foam finger! If you want to your sports fan to settle down for a bit give him some books to read during half time! A “man skills” book will be sure to keep him occupied and prepared should the worst situations ever occur.

Stocking stuffers for you fan will be a breeze this year with team theme boxers and tumblers.  You may want to include “day passes” for your golf enthusiast with personalized golf towels and ball markers for a day of play with his friends. And don’t forget the mini liquors and cigars for victory celebrations!

Again, your fan will appreciate anything that you get him.  We just want to help you think outside the box (or dugout).  Stay tuned for tomorrows man type- The GQ!

Don’t forget to Come Get Stripped while you are out doing your holiday shopping!


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