As promised today’s gift giving blog will be for The GQ man.  He is the guy who is always dressed to the nines, well-groomed, and isn’t ashamed to say that he enjoys a manicure once in a while. Shopping for this man may seem hard to do because he tends to get whatever he wants as soon as he sees it.  However there are a few things that he may not have on his radar yet as the perfect accessories to his lifestyle.

For Mr. GQ style is important.  We like the idea of getting this man gifts to keep his style intact such as a shoe tree, wooden trouser hangers, and metal collar stays. These will ensure that his clothes are always in the most tip-top shape possible. You may also want to look into different style watch cases or a travel tie case for the man on the go. Engraved cuff links and tie bars are always a nice touch. If you aren’t sure what his exact style is give him the gift of variety with a tie of the month club!

Pamper him with a full body massage (we suggest Serenity Massage in Valdosta, GA) or keep him warm at night with a pair of cashmere socks! And trust us when we say that Bleu de Chanel cologne for men will be as much of a gift for you as it is for him! (Seriously, that cologne smells AMAZING) For his downtime get him a subscription to a men’s magazine such as Men’s Health or of course GQ! If you want to go all out for your stylish man, Vegas is the perfect destination for a getaway! Show him off at the variety of shows and casinos that Sin City has to offer!

We have suggested mini liquors and cigars in both of the previous blogs because they really are great for any occasion but for this man we would suggest stepping it up and adding a humidor to keep those cigars fresh! Other stocking stuffers for him would definitely include a money clip, engraved business card holder, and pocket squares! Also an Art of Shaving kit or a subscription to Men’s Birch box would be extremely appreciated by your GQ man.

This man may seem like he has expensive case but he will truly appreciate any gift from the heart.  Don’t go to extremes, just make it genuine and he will be flashing it to everyone!

And just a tip- this is one guy you can definitely get to Come Get Stripped!

(And please enjoy this picture of Ryan Gosling in a suit!)


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