So we’ve covered the macho man, sports fan, and Mr. GQ so far in our quest to give the perfect gift. Today we will discuss the man that geeks out over gaming systems, books, comics, movies, and various other things that may seem odd to you!  This guy is typically called a Nerd or a Geek because of the types of things he enjoys but who cares what other people think, right? He is as passionate about Superman as the next guy is about who was drafted in the NFL.  And that is AWESOME! This guy can be really fun to shop for because you get to explore things that you may not have known existed before!

One sure way to make your geek freak out is to get him things made from vintage video game pieces or even comic books such as a clock or cufflinks! (yes, for that one dress shirt he owns) Don’t forget good standards are box sets of his favorite movies series or book series.  You can always get him accessories for whatever type of gaming he does-whether its tabletop, console, or pc!  Etsy is a great place to find stuff for geeky guy. From steampunk to Doctor Who to Batman the possibilities are endless on that site for memorabilia, art, and clothing!

If you want to really give you geek the gift that will transport him to another world take him on a trip to Comic Con! Or if that’s a little far away for you there is always Dragon Con in Atlanta that is just as amazing! There are tons of conventions all over the country (too many for us to list really!) for all types of geek, from gaming to fantasy and in between! Trust me there is a convention for what his passion/obsession is! And any man would love a membership to a Beer of the Month Club but did you know there was also a Bacon of the Month Club? Because there is and I don’t think that there is any man on this earth that would say no to that!  (except the vegetarians. Please don’t get the vegetarians meat…That’s just bad form)

Stocking stuffers really depend on what type of geek your guy is but we are going to give you a broad range of choices to choose from.  Gift cards to Books-A-Million, Starbucks, GameStop, and Amazon are always a plus.  Also, there are mini Lego kits that you can put in his stocking to keep him occupied for hours, as well as, mini retro games!

Any geek worth anything will love whatever it is that you get them! Just tell them it gives them +5 healing powers and they will never let it leave their side! We just hope we helped take some of the mystery away on giving gifts to your geeky guy!

To everyone that has been reading this series we just want to say thank you!  We truly hope we helped somewhat in this crazy season of shopping! Please remember that this time of year is more than just gifts.  Take the time to be kinder to those that you meet.  Take the time to reflect on the year past and relax just a little bit.  Remember to show love, give love, and be love.  We appreciate all of you and we hope you have Happy Holidays, a Merry Chirstmas and a very Happy New Year!!!

And as always, Come Get Stripped!

(Also please enjoy this picture of Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston as Thor and Loki)

thor and loki


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