Hope you liked our fun alliteration! (And tongue twister) Basically, what we are trying to say is that giving the perfect gift to someone you care about and seeing their reaction is such a blessing to yourself that it can give you chills. Go you!  However, it can be extremely hard to find that perfect gift.  Do you have someone in your life that is so hard to buy for that you end up just giving them gift cards or money?  It is so frustrating because you want to see that glow on their face so much, right?!?! Ugh… We have all been there! Trust me! So the Ladies of Stripped are going to give you some pointers on gift giving and stocking stuffers for all your gift giving difficulties.   This weeks series is about probably the most difficult group (in every way, really) MEN!

Men are one of the most difficult to buy for because when they see something they want, they get it.  It’s practical to them.  They aren’t delayed gratification types.  So you have to find something that they want or need that they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves.  Maybe it’s not something that is easily gotten in your area or maybe its something that they have no idea even exists but YOU do (or will soon) and you KNOW it would make their life easier/better/more fun in some way.  Because again, men are practical.  Well…. Most of them.  Most men want practical gifts that are useful and helpful.  But as we all know what is practical to one man is not to another.  So lets break it down. (Also just because it is practical does not mean that it can’t be sentimental… more on that later) Each day this week we are going to bring you gift ideas for different men’s personalities. Lets start with Tarzan.

Personality Type #1- Manly Macho Man Makes Meat

This is your hunter, your griller, your Tarzan.  He kills it, skins it, and grills it all in one day! He is MAN and we will hear him ROAR!! This guy is actually kinda easy to buy for…  Guns, camouflage items, knives, fishing items, loin cloth, etc…. But you already know all that and want something DIFFERENT!!!  So for this guy instead of buying him things, get him an excursion.  There are many trips you can arrange for your man to go on that include hunting, fishing, hiking… All the great outdoors he could want.  There will be a guide that will take him and his friends out to all the best spots.  Its a ton of fun and something he won’t forget anytime soon!  There are many websites out there that can give you more information on this type of trip, including Hunting Trips R Us.  Another type of trip that your man’s man may enjoy is deep-sea fishing or even a trip to Helen, Ga. This is where the sentiment comes in.  You can have a romantic trip for two and still have it be manly enough for him. Blue Ridge Cabins in Helen, GA have amazing cabins that you can rent that are hidden away in a wooden paradise while still having the comforts of home (and then some… outdoor hot tubs, pool tables… you will both love it!) And Helen has so many things to offer for each of you that we guarantee you will love this getaway!

Tarzan also doesn’t want to go to some fancy schmancy restaurant that serves a .0005 oz. filet with rosemary broccoli and seared cauliflower.  He wants real meat and real potatoes. (and maybe some asparagus but don’t tell the other guys). For the men in your life that love grilling, we love the idea of getting them a new grill or smoker.  The  Big Green Egg is an amazing ceramic cooker that allows you to grill, smoke, and use as an outdoor oven.  It comes in many sizes for all of your grilling needs. You may also want to check out Murphy Coolers because they make amazing custom wood coolers for outdoor entertaining.  They can make them any color, size, and put any logo you want on there. All coolers come with spigot and rope handles.   A fire pit is also another great idea for your mountain man to enjoy after a long day of wrestling leopards and lions.

Stocking Stuffers for this man can be fun and practical!  Duck calls, hand and feet warmers, deer spray, ammo, and lures are pretty standard gifts that any Tarzan will love. Some super practical gifts that he will appreciate in the stand would be toilet paper to-go’s and hand sanitizer!  Spice it up with some mini liquors, cigars, and a variety of hot sauces to get him swinging from the vines!

Remember your manly man will love whatever you get him because YOU got it for him! We hope that we have made it a bit easier to get the Tarzan in your life the perfect gift that makes you both beat your chests and give shout of joy!

And as always Come Get Stripped (or Get Him Stripped with a Full Back Gift Certificate!)


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