Bikini Wax - JewleryMany of you have questions regarding our Bikini and Brazilian waxes and today we are going to (hopefully) answer them all!!  We know that these particular waxes can be stressful and somewhat (read: extremely) awkward for our clients and we would like to ease any discomfort that they might have.  Let’s start with the different types of waxes for “that” area and some terms to know.


“Mini-Bikini”– This wax includes the top and outer panty line area including two fingers inside the panty area.  It does NOT include the inner thighs or buttocks strip.

“Full-Bikini”–  This includes everything the MIni does as well as the inner thighs and buttocks strip.

“Mini-Brazilian”– Includes everything EXCEPT the labia and buttocks strip.

“Full-Brazilian”– As much or as little as you want removed from belly button to back bone.

“Mini-Manzilian”– A Male Brazilian wax (yes, we perform those as well).  Does not include the testicles or buttocks strip.

“Full Manzilian”– Also a Male Brazilian wax. As much or as little of the hair that you want removed from belly button to back bone.


“Buttocks Strip”– This is the removal of the hair between the buttocks.  It is included on all “Full” services but is optional.  You do not have to get this part of the service but it does not change the price of the service regardless of your decision.

“Landing Strip”– This is an area of hair that you request to be left in the pubic area. It can be any size or shape (but we are not talking hearts and stars here-we have vajazzles for that).  The normal landing strip is 3-4 inches high and about 1-2 inches wide.  But again it is your personal preference for how you want it to look.

“Labia Majora”– This is what most people call the outermost “lips” of the vagina.  This area is included in the “Full Brazilian”.

“Labia Minora”– This is the inner “lips” of the vagina.  This is NOT included in any service.  The skin in this area is extremely thin and does not have any muscle behind it to support or brace it.  Therefore it is very easy to tear the skin, which can lead to infection.  It is against our regulations to wax that area.  We will get as close as we can to the area without actually crossing the line into it. If there is hair in the Labia Minora, unfortunately we must leave it.

“Residual Hair”–  This is hair that can be left behind after your service.  It is typically extremely short hair or hair that is directly under the skin due to different hair growth cycles. Your hair growth has three cycles to it and each hair follicle can be in a different phase of the hair growth. We typically ask that you grow your hair without trimming for two to three weeks and rebook every five weeks.  This allows us to eventually get your hair on the same cycle which will reduce residual hair as well as increase the length of time between services.

“Exfoliate”–  The act of removing dead skin using a loofah or Epsom Salt. We ask that 48 hours after your service you start exfoliating two to three times a week.  We recommend using Epsom Salt for this. Take a small amount of the product into the shower with you.  In a circular motion using your fingers, rub the salt around on the area. This will gently remove any dead skin that may be clogging the pores.  It is extremely important to exfoliate to help prevent ingrown hairs.

“Hair Length”– We ask that the hair be 1/4 of an inch long.  However, we understand that that can be confusing.  Basically, the hair needs to be long enough that you can pick it up with the PADS of your fingers (not the tips or nails, but the actual pads).  Normally, this can be achieved by growing the hair out for two to three weeks for the Brazilian and Bikini wax.

“Service Length”– The amount of time the service takes varies due to the type wax you are receiving but it can take anywhere from 20-45 minutes.

“Vajazzle”– This is referring to either a pre-designed applique or custom design formed out of Swarvoski crystals.  The pre-designed applique already has an adhesive on the crystals and will be laid on the skin of the pubic area in the place that you pick.  We have several designs to pick from.  We also do custom designs.  We ask that you call the day before and let us know that you want a custom design so that we can draw up a few choices for you to choose from.  The custom design will be applied using an adhesive applied to individual crystals and then placed on the skin.

So now that you know the services and terms we use, you will be better equipped when making your appointment or when you arrive for your appointment.  During the consultation, your Esthetician will go over all of this again with you to ensure that she understands exactly what service you want and that you understand what to expect. The service will not be painless (sorry!). However, we will go to every length to make it as painless as possible.  We will use lidocaine on the labia, which will usually numb you around 80%The wax that we use only adheres to the hair and does not take the top layer of skin off, which reduces your discomfort greatly!  Our Estheticians will also talk to you the entire time, keeping you calm and relaxed (or you can enjoy our complimentary wine to help with that)! Just remember the benefits of waxing outweigh any discomfort you may have.  These benefits include your hair becoming lighter, thinner, and less coarse.  Also, with waxing it takes longer for your hair to grow back and when it does grow back only about 50% returns!!  Who doesn’t want that, right?

If you have any more questions or have a topic you want us to discuss in our next blog, give us a call or send us a message!  And always remember to like our Facebook page and share it with your friends! We can’t wait to see you soon!


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