Summer is over which means you don’t need to be waxed anymore, right? WRONG!!  Now is the perfect time to grow those leg hairs out and come see us to make you silky smooth!  If you have been keeping up with our blog then you know all about hair cycles but we will give you a quick refresher.  Your hairs grow in cycles and each follicle can be in a different cycle.  This is why we say grow your leg hair out for three to four weeks prior to visiting the salon!  We know, we know.  That’s torture!! But wait! There’s more! If you can grow it out for that long then your results will be much better than if you only did it for two weeks.  “But Samantha, I have to shave every day! I have stubble when I get out of the shower”   Well, no… Actually you don’t HAVE to and that’s not stubble (but that’s a topic for another blog). You hate the hair, you want to be smooth, and we can handle all of that for you so you will be smooth longer.  The men do No Shave November, why can’t you do the girl version of it?  Grow it out and come in and let us make you silky smooth for the holidays and beyond!  We promise you will love it (and so will he)!

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And as always, Come Get Stripped!



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