Last week we introduced you to Kaleigh, now get ready to meet Samantha!!  Samantha Colgan-Jones is the other amazing Esthetician here at Stripped and we are excited to give you some little known facts about her!  She is our resident master of all things random and geeky! Ask her anything-as long as its not about fashion designers, she is slightly hopeless there! But if you want to know about Harry Potter, talk football, or who the best Bond is-she is your girl!   She is a huge bookworm and will quote movies at a drop of a hat! She tends to wear bright pink lipstick to contrast with her bright blue eyes! She may or may not have a slight obsession with Skylar Astin from Pitch Perfect (a-ca-awkward)! Her guilty pleasures include cheesy Lifetime movies and buttery popcorn (mmm butter)!   She is a Brazilian wax mastermind, a fiend with brows, and absolutely loves her job!  Her favorite thing about being an Esthetician is that she gets to be a part of her clients lives; she gets to be friend, family, counselor, and confidant.  She has a hard time talking about herself sometimes (and particularly at the moment since Samantha is our blogger!) She is sweet, awesome, funny and can’t wait to take care of any waxing needs that you and your friends may have!


Check back here for another blog later this week (its a surprise!) and if you have any questions or want Samantha to cover a topic in a blog, please send us an email or message us on Facebook!

And don’t forget that we will be giving away a mini iPad to one lucky winner as soon as we reach 2600 likes on our Facebook page so go like it, tell your friends and family to like it, tell the lady at the supermarket to like it!!

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  1. I see Sam about once a month and always can’t wait! It’s my all about everything girly day and I feel like I’m visiting with my BFF! I love her like a sister and she is great at her profession! Thank you Sam for everything!

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