Good news y’all!! Today is National Drink Wine Day! That’s right! It is an actual holiday!  Today’s holiday was created is to promote all of the amazing health benefits of drinking wine! (Yes, there are more benefits than it just being yummy!) Wine is actually really good for preventing heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and helps prolong life in general.  There have been studies (wish I could have been part of that case study!) that have proved that it can also help prevent colon cancer, cataracts, and brain decline. The resveratrol that is produced in the grape skins and the natural antioxidants that wine contains are extremely beneficial to your health in so many ways!  Now let me just say this- don’t drink a bottle a night!  Moderation is the key to these benefits.  Drink a 5oz glass of wine (preferably red-it has more resveratrol because of the way red wine is produced) a day.  That is all you need to reap the rewards! Stop by and celebrate with us!


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