Today we are going to discuss one of the most asked things here at Stripped.  Hair length, hair growth, and residual hair.  Many of our customers call and ask how long their hair needs to be in order to get waxed.  Because our wax is a hard wax the hair HAS to be the right length in order for you to get a good, clean service.  If it is too short the hair will not remove or it will break.  If the hair breaks, it will cause ingrown hairs and irritation.  It will also grow back quicker than if it was removed properly.  The correct length for the hair to be is between a 1/4 to a 1/2 inch long.  Now like we have said in the past we know this is relative to most people.  A good rule of thumb is if the hair is laying down and you can reach down and grab the hair with the PADS of your fingers (not your finger nails, not the finger tips, but the actual pads of your fingers-where the fingerprint is) and you are able to pull it just a bit it is long enough.  Usually it takes between two to three weeks to achieve this length for the Brazilian wax and three to four weeks for leg waxing.  Do NOT trim, shave, or do anything in the area that removes or shortens the hair.  If it is too long, WE will trim it in order to ensure proper length.


Because your hair naturally has different cycles that it goes through and each follicle can be in a different phase of that hair growth, you may have some residual hair left in the area after your wax.  These are hairs that are TOO SHORT or that are UNDER THE SKIN. These hairs will grow out in between waxes and we ask that you do not do anything to remove them before your next wax.  This ensures that the hairs we were able to wax as well as the residual ones all get removed at your next service.  This puts you one step closer to having all of you hairs on one cycle, which means you get to go longer between services.  Typically we start booking you at FIVE WEEKS apart and then eventually you will go six or eight weeks in between.  We have some clients that can go twelve weeks.  We want to give you the best service possible and therefore if you hair is too short we will reschedule you for another time so that we can ensure the maximum removal possible.  If you follow our tips and guidelines, we promise you will love your services. This includes the proper after care as well, which we will go over in our next blog! So check back later this week for that blog and a surprise blog!  We love answering your questions so please keep sending them in to the website and our Facebook page!

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