Who else that gets to celebrate Spring Break in some way is counting down the days?? I know I am! (or at least until my daughters spring break) To me Spring Break heralds in the warmer weather, swimsuits, margaritas, and sunscreen!  That’s right. I said SUNSCREEN! You thought I was going to say tanning didn’t you?  Sorry, I am porcelain and plan on staying that way.  Don’t get me wrong, I love fake tanner for special occasions but I slather that sunscreen on when I am outside!  As Estheticians we learned how important it is to protect your skin and sunscreen is a huge part of that especially in the summer.  I promise I won’t keep nagging I just want to point out that no one likes to be a lobster.


Now VSU’s Spring Break starts on the 23rd which means you college girls have exactly two weeks to get ready!  And that is exactly how long you HAVE to grow your hair out in order to be waxed!  So throw those razors away and start growing!  Go ahead and make your appointments because they will be filling up quickly!  And for everyone whose spring breaks are after that remember that rule as well! We want everyone’s spring break to go smoothly so call us asap!



Remember to be safe and smart this year in your travels! And we hope you all have a ton of fun!

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