Most of the time here at Stripped, we keep things light and funny,  but we want to take some time today and talk about a very serious issue.  Hunger.  More specifically hunger in children.  So many children do not eat from lunch at school Friday midday to Monday morning at their schools breakfast. They go an entire weekend without eating.  Many of them don’t know who to ask for help or even if they should. This is just heartbreaking to us! No child should have to go hungry. Ever!  And these children are right here in our own community! These are our children! We have to help them.  We have to make sure that no child’s stomach is empty.  This is why Stripped is teaming up with an amazing organization, “Hungry At Home”.  This organization helps children in our community by giving them food to last them throughout the weekend.  And one of the great things is that none of their peers have to know.  The kids get to take everything home in a specific backpack just for them.  This helps them keep their dignity while also keeping their hunger at bay.  Please join us in this fight.  When it comes to the children of this community we can not ask you enough to help.  You can drop off non-perishable food items that are either boxed, bagged, in plastic sealed containers, or canned items that have a pull top or you can give donations for the organization at our salon. Try to remember that this food is specifically for children, so items that can be easily microwaved and don’t need a stove or oven are preferable. It costs the organization $18 a month per student.  That is $180 a school year for each student they are helping.  Anything will help them and our children.  Thank You.

Please help us Strip Out Hunger.



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