Curvy Girls Need Waxed Too

So we have mentioned that we are going to be doing blogs about things that you want to know about and today I was asked by a client about waxing for larger women.  Can they? Should they? How do we feel about it? Is it different for them than smaller women?  And I am going […]

Exciting New Blogs Coming Soon

We like to shake things up around here once in awhile so today our blog will be a bit different!  We are going to start doing blogs on different subjects!  We would love to do blogs on things that you are interested in so make sure you comment or send us messages on what you […]

It’s here-The Happening!!

On August 22nd, The Happening is happening!!  If you go to VSU or have gone to VSU you know what this means.  If not, allow me to elaborate.  Twice a year, VSU holds an event to welcome all the new and returning students.  Vendors from the area congregate on the front lawn to tell students […]

Hair Down There??

Many of you have questions regarding our Bikini and Brazilian waxes and today we are going to (hopefully) answer them all!!  We know that these particular waxes can be stressful and somewhat (read: extremely) awkward for our clients and we would like to ease any discomfort that they might have.  Let’s start with the different […]