Ask Us Anything

How many of you out there have questions that you want answered by us but have never asked?? Is there something you would like us to cover in a blog? Now is your opportunity to come forward!! Is there a recipe you want us to try (and most likely fail at)? A makeup trick you […]

Happy 4th of July

Only a few more days until America’s Independence Day celebration! And guess what?? As of TODAY fireworks are legal to purchase in Georgia!!! Make sure you go to a licensed distributor though and not just some guy on the side of the road selling them out of his truck, ok?? You can find a list […]

Happy Father’s Day

Everyone ready to celebrate and honor their favorite dad? We know we are!  And we wanted to remind everyone that waxing is not just for women! Waxing has become more and more popular for men of all ages!  And we love helping blow any leftover stereotypes out the water! We have several services that men […]

Baby, it’s HOT outside

Whew!! Man, is it getting hot outside or is it just me?? It’s supposed to get up in the high 90’s by next week!!  You know what that means…. BEACH TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you know what that means?? WAX TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, ladies (and gentlemen) no summer beach trip is complete without first getting your wax on! […]