Curvy Girls Need Waxed Too

So we have mentioned that we are going to be doing blogs about things that you want to know about and today I was asked by a client about waxing for larger women.  Can they? Should they? How do we feel about it? Is it different for them than smaller women?  And I am going […]

Legs For Days

Summer is over which means you don’t need to be waxed anymore, right? WRONG!!  Now is the perfect time to grow those leg hairs out and come see us to make you silky smooth!  If you have been keeping up with our blog then you know all about hair cycles but we will give you […]

Hair Down There??

Many of you have questions regarding our Bikini and Brazilian waxes and today we are going to (hopefully) answer them all!!  We know that these particular waxes can be stressful and somewhat (read: extremely) awkward for our clients and we would like to ease any discomfort that they might have.  Let’s start with the different […]