Waxing Contraindications Part Two-Skin Lesions and Bruising

I touched a little on skin lesions and waxing last week in Part One of our Contraindication Series.  Just to clarify (because to be honest I don’t think I really explained this last week) a contraindication is anything that indicates to your technician that you should not be getting a particular service.  So skin lesions […]

Waxing Contraindications Part One-Acne

We received a question asking if it was okay to wax if you have acne.  And it got us thinking that doing a blog series on different waxing contraindications (or waxing no-nos) would be a great idea to explain why or why not you can not do/take/have certain things and get waxed. Today we are […]

Ask Us Anything

How many of you out there have questions that you want answered by us but have never asked?? Is there something you would like us to cover in a blog? Now is your opportunity to come forward!! Is there a recipe you want us to try (and most likely fail at)? A makeup trick you […]

Happy 4th of July

Only a few more days until America’s Independence Day celebration! And guess what?? As of TODAY fireworks are legal to purchase in Georgia!!! Make sure you go to a licensed distributor though and not just some guy on the side of the road selling them out of his truck, ok?? You can find a list […]