You get home from a long day at work and as you are walking through the house you hear a strange noise.


What is that? Is that…? NO! NO! NO! It can’t be!  You snap a glance at the calendar beside you.  OH MY G- It’s MAY!!! As you wince and start slowly backing up to the door to make a quick exit, you hear him. Your heart races… “Babe, is that you? Can you come help me?”  You stay silent, hoping he can’t hear you breathe… You take a step. CREEEEAAAKKK.  We really need to get that board fixed, you think to yourself as your shoulders droop in defeat. “I can hear you! It’s not that bad this time! I swear!”  Yeah, right.  As you drop your purse on the couch, and shuffle your feet to the bedroom where you loving husband waits, you think to yourself- There has to be an easier way!  A better way! A way for ALL women to avoid this torture! You pick up the electric razor to use on your (wonderful, he is wonderful, he gives me foot rubs, and takes me dancing, and OH MY GO-) husband’s (oh jeez its everywhere!) back and remember STRIPPED!!


That’s right ladies and gentleman, there is another option available for you! If you are tired of shaving a Sasquatch, we offer both Full and Half Back waxing services for your favorite man to choose from! A Full back goes from shoulders to right above the buttocks and a Half is well…. half that (either from shoulders to ribs or from ribs to top of buttocks) Its quick and easy and relatively painless (it depends on the guy, his hair, and pain threshold) Don’t worry, you will not be screaming out Kelly Clarkson’s name guys!! If this beach season has the fur flying in your home, just give us a call and we will get you right on in!!

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  1. How long does a full-back wax usually take? Also, how long does that typically last? Thank you, I’m very interested for my own man.

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