Men’s Body Waxing


Mens Waxing - Chest, Abs, Shoulders and Arms

Long thought of as a woman’s prerogative, waxing is making great strides in gender equality. Men have caught on to the many benefits that waxing offers: smooth, longer-lasting results. In fact, it’s the last stop before permanent hair removal, so men it does have its advantages. The results last two to four weeks, and continued waxing leads to diminished hair growth over time.


Service Type



Underarms Just Underarms $20.00
Half arms Top arm or bottom arm $35.00
Full arms Shoulder to wrist $50.00
Half legs Hip to knee or Knee to ankle $40.00
Full legs Both legs from hip to ankle $70.00
Toes All Toes as Needed $10.00
Toes & Feet All Toes and Upper Foot as Needed $15.00
Chest Chest and shoulders $35.00
Stomach Just the Stomach $35.00
Half Back Upper or Lower Back $35.00
Full Back Entire Back including shoulders $65.00
Buttock Full wax of both cheeks $30.00
Buttocks Strip Inner buttocks $20.00
Full Buttocks Both cheeks & buttocks strip $45.00

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