Women’s Body Waxing

Ladies we take our time on your treatment – making sure all unwanted hair is removed and shaped hair is perfectly groomed.

We use only the most gentle and effective products available to ensure the most comfortable wax experience possible. Waxing is a form of EPILATION; this means that the hair is removed below the surface of the skin. The advantage of epilation over depilation (hair removed at the skin line-shaving etc.) Is that it will take longer for the hair to grow back. Also if epilation is Performed repeatedly on the same area over a prolonged period of time, the quantity of hair will be permanently reduced(after a prolonged period of time: and on a consistent 5 week basis). Waxing is the most effective method of removing unwanted hair in both large and small areas. Hair can be removed with a minimum amount of discomfort. Ladies get that smooth look an feel for your legs with a appointment at Stripped Waxing Salon, you wont regret it and neither will he.

Service Type



UnderarmsJust Underarms$20.00
Half armsTop arm or bottom arm$30.00
Full armsShoulder to wrist$45.00
Half legsHip to knee or Knee to ankle$40.00
Full legsBoth legs from hip to ankle$70.00
ToesAll Toes as Needed$10.00
Toes & FeetAll Toes and Upper Foot as Needed$15.00
ChestChest and Shoulders$20.00
StomachJust the Stomach$20.00
Stomach StripBelow the belly button to waistline “happy trail”$12.00
Half BackUpper or lower back$25.00
Full BackEntire Back$45.00
ButtockFull wax of both cheeks$20.00
Buttock Strip Inner Buttocks$15.00
Full ButtocksBoth cheeks & buttocks strip$30.00

Ladies take the time to pamper yourself and enjoy our Coffee and Drink bar while you do it!

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